Tower of Souls – Mr Robert Green

This is a series of five poems. Read more about Mr. Robert Green Poetry at and here at Paintedwords1.wordpress.comTower of Souls

Tower of Souls

How tall is this tower
Filled to the brim
More and more each hour
Every new soul, Each grim.

I stand outside looking in
How soon before I’m inside looking out
No soul as I, full of sin
Wants to shout.

Does this tower expand
To allow others in
No room to stand
Like waste into a bin

Dark clouds overhead
Thunder rolls, lightening strikes
No rest, or sweet dreams in bed
Toss and turn, the devil likes.

‘Roll up, roll up’ the devil cries
‘Something for everyone’
He shouts with no shame for his lies
So many souls, but you’r still alone.

Driving rain and tempest
Do you shelter at the tower?
When your mind is weakest
He calls every hour.


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